Project Summary

The project “CAPture the Future Generation” focuses on the challenge of the ageing farming population and aims through its activities to spread awareness amongst the young generation on the benefits of the Common Agricultural Policy so as to motivate young people to become involved in the agricultural sector by creating and developing new economic activity.


  • Train and inform teachers and educators to promote the contribution of the CAP towards the delivery of the Commission’s political priorities, such as the challenge of climate change, healthy and high-quality food, in relation also to the EU School Scheme for Milk, Fruit and Vegetables and Tartu Call
  • Raise public awareness on the relevance of EU support to agriculture, rural development and the wider EU economy through the CAP
  • Engage stakeholders, farmers and other parties active in agriculture to raise awareness on the contributions the CAP makes to the support of sustainable growth of rural areas, focusing on the economic, environmental and social dimensions of the CAP
  • Engage with young farmers in both rural and urban areas of Cyprus using innovative and youth-friendly approaches and inform them on the aims and benefits of the CAP

Target Groups

The different target groups have been identified as:

  • youth (University and high school students, young people in rural areas)
  • teachers and school children
  • farmers and other rural actors as stakeholders
  • the general public


  • Young Agripreneurs Project: the project encourages young people to become entrepreneurs by engaging with agricultural related activities, such as the development of business plans that will result in an innovative agricultural product or service.
  • Online educational toolkit: The activity aims to reach school children by teaching their teachers who will then act as information multipliers. The “train the trainer” approach will be implemented through workshops addressed to teachers in order to present the toolkit and provide practical information on how to utilize it in the classroom
  • Agricultural start up conference & Expo: the conference will provide students with a platform from where their projects can be observed by potential sponsors/businesses who might be willing to invest in their ideas. The participation of stakeholders, farmers and rural actors will present opportunities for further development of the agricultural sector in Cyprus and the EU.
  • Communication campaign: raising awareness through various media outlets such as websites, radio live links, media kits and information points