Rural Development Program for Cyprus 2014-2020

The European Union has invested €485 million in the Cypriot farming sector and rural areas through the Common Agricultural Policy for the period 2014-2020. The investment has been crucial for rural development and revitalization as it has modernized agricultural holdings, protected the environment and provided basic services to almost 200,000 people living in rural areas. The Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment has declared that they consider the support of young farmers as a main priority. They have implemented various supporting interventions which can be found in the measures undertaken by the RDP.

Whilst this has strengthened the competitiveness of production systems and created new jobs in the agriculture sector, Cyprus is dealing with the challenge of an ageing farming population to a greater extent than the rest of Europe, with young farmers consisting of 3,3% of all farm managers in the country. The new programming period 2021-2027 should place special focus and attention on raising awareness among the young generation on the aims and benefits of the CAP, as well as on professional opportunities in the agricultural sector. Cyprus has started the preparation of the new CAP Strategic Plan. At the moment the first draft of the SWOT analysis has been send informally to the European Commission for approval.