One of the contemporary challenges affecting the agricultural sector is the ageing of the farming population. Based on the most recent Farm Structure Survey (2016), only 11% of farm managers in the EU are younger than 40 years old. This highlights the need for generational renewal in the agricultural sector. For this reason, the new CAP provides incentives to young farmers through various support measures aimed at encouraging and making it easier for the young generation to enter the profession, as well as by creating and developing new economic activity in the sector through various support measures.

In June 2018, the EC set out proposals for how the CAP should function after 2020:

  • Implementation of a direct payment scheme for young farmers
  • Increased support rate for investments in physical assets
  • Business start-up aid for young agricultural entrepreneurs
  • Continued support to rural development programmes
  • Environmental protection and climate change mitigation
  • Promotion of innovative and sustainable technologies