The Unit of Education for the Environment and Sustainable Development, at the Pedagogical Institute (MECSY), organizes a series of webinars on the topic from “farm to plate”

The workshops are addressed to teachers of Primary and Secondary General Education (Gymnasium Cycle) and are intended to familiarize teachers with the educational material “from farm to plate”, which has been written by the pedagogical team of UEESD and is part of the “CAPturing the Future Generation” programme, which aims to promote the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy in Cyprus.

The educational material of UEESD focuses on rural life, production, and consumption and covers four (4) main thematic modules that will be conducted as follows:

  • CAP and Climate Change (25.5.2021)
  • CAP and Hunger (27.5.2021)
  • CAP and Biodiversity (1.6.2021)
  • CAP and Innovation and Entrepreneurship (3.6.2021)

The issues are analysed pedagogically and transferred to the educational curriculum, both formal and non-formal, through innovative educational approaches and activities that will enable teachers and students to understand the importance of the Common Agricultural Policy in preserving the ecological, social, economic and cultural sustainability.

Find the Educational Proposals on the project website and at the link:

For information regarding the educational material you can contact the Unit EESD at the tel. 22 402352,

CAPturing the Future Generation, led by IMH, is co-funded by the European Union’s IMCAP (Funds for Information Measures Relating to the Common Agricultural Policy) programme. Its ultimate aim is to inform young people and the general population about the Common Agricultural Policy of the European Union.  

For more information about the programme  

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