The achievements of an innovative program for the CAP

The innovative program “CAPturing the Future Generation” is being completed these days with significant achievements and rich experiences.

During the 12 months of its implementation, a set of the information and education actions were accomplished, as well as the action that attracted young people to upgrade their entrepreneurship skills in the agricultural sector.

From August 2020 to July 2021, IMH undertook the implementation of this project with co-financing by the European Union’s IMCAP (Funds for Information Measures Relating to the Common Agricultural Policy) program.

The ultimate goal is to inform young people, as well as the population as a whole, about the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) of the European Union.

A significant number of Cypriot citizens had the opportunity to learn about the priorities of the CAP and its contribution for the development, the preservation of farmers’ income and of the countryside as well as the protection of the environment and natural resources of Cyprus.

Our achievements

The program “CAPture the Future Generation” succeeded in attracting the new generation to the sub-action “Young Farmers Program of Cyprus”. It is extremely important for Cyprus to create a new generation of farmers with skills and education, to promote the renewal of generations in the agricultural sector. The program involved young people and gave them the tools to develop their business ideas. It also gave them the opportunity to collaborate and network with market experts and search for ways to implement their ideas.

Educational Toolkit

A special place was given to the Educational Toolkit prepared by the Unit for Education, Environment and Sustainable Development (EESD) at the Pedagogical Institute (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth), as well as the workshops with teachers that followed. Rich educational material has been created that deals with various aspects of the CAP and is presented in a way that can be used in the classroom.

Agriculture Conference and Young Agribusinessmen

The highlight of the activities was the Conference on Agriculture, Milk and Livestock, which brought together agencies, organizations, companies, producers and individuals involved in the agricultural sector and contributed to informing them about the benefits of the Common Agricultural Policy. The conference also provided a space for discussion, exchange of views and practices, as well as the unique opportunity for young farmers to present their ideas and network with companies and organizations in the sector.

The overall communication campaign developed made the CAP better known to the general public for its contribution to the economic development of Cyprus.

More information about the program

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